Die The Fine Art of Giving a Fuck (Part II)

Willi the Cat does not give many fucks at all

To all the people suffering the apocalyptic impact of Hurrikan Irma. Try to cheer up a little. Keep humor + excuses the extensive use of the f…. word. – A good read in English!!!

Here is a a stong message to all the catlovers and conscious fuck givers out there.

 Let’s save our deepest fucks for the fuckworthiest t’ings and peeps only. But may still the total to number of our given fucks rise along with age and wiseness.

Season greetings inspired by: http://markmanson.net/not-giving-a-fuck

Some like X-mas, some do not. Cats do what they alwys do. They do not believe much in fuck giving

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