Lawdhawmassy! Rasta, betta ged oop and run

Dear BVIlanders and Belongers,

I tray to pass thees woaeds in legendarri local wraita COLOSSOS style @bvibeacon column. In Tortolian performed by a 🇨🇭 rookie. 

Look, the nuus hit me hääd inna homoc@ brewers be cämpgrong. Upcoming Jamecan regge  superstar CHRONIXX is in tong! 

And yes. They haav WaiFai no!

Ai wotsch da bööds and say to myself: Rasta, betta get up and run! So ai did…

CHRONIXX is not mi föst event a ‚tis kaind. Some tan yeas ago I seen Buju bevor he got busted. I still was the föst man in audience jos arong midnait. Now Ai kno……don sho op to oaly, mon!

Its arong midnait, rainin like fook, no band arong, I can get a coke. Only whiteee @show. 

Interessin band

Then the man shoo op. At 2.15am. Great shoo good vibes loda conssusness! Nice. 

Check video at

Now, ‚tis wa fai dees befor Ai got totally mashed up on Anegada on a fookin scoota. Bot ‚tis anada stoiy. —>Anegada 

Awrait now, that’s it fo da dee. Next coming up will be english swiss german or anada fookin languitsh. Hope you get it anyhow. 

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